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Hi there folks residing in and around the Pico / Robertson 90035 area! What’s taking you so long to call us about your couch or carpets? In case you didn’t know, not only can we clean and lift those stains, but our steam vacuum extraction process will eliminate all the allergens and dust mites hiding […]

Spring Has Sprung

It’s definitely that time of year again 90035… Spring cleaning! We know that while scrubbing your place down you can get exposed to all kinds of harsh chemicals. That’s why we here at BH Carpet Cleaners use only the best in Non-Toxic and Organic detergents. Our organic Green cleaning agents can scrub that furniture, carpet, […]

Carpet Cleaning 90035 Pico Robertson

It’s gonna happen soon!  You’re gonna come home to your apartment or home in 90035 Pico Robertson and you’re gonna look down at the carpet and you won’t recognize it anymore!  That’s because it’s been too long since your last carpet cleaning.  BH Carpet Cleaners to the rescue!  We’ll fly to your house and promptly […]

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